Saturday, December 1, 2007

Sh*t and Sales and Sims OH MY!

What's on sale? Everything is! Everything is AT LEAST 50% off, some are even up to 75% off!

When does it end? Whenever the new sim is up, which may be mid january, to the end of january!

Why the sale? Some of the things are not returning, so we wanted to give everyone a chance to grab it before it's gone forever!

<3 Gaia and Ana.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Sh*t Happens Jean release!

We're not open until 12 NOON SLT, but I am going to post the goodies now!

JEANS! The jeans come in 16, YES, 16!, colors and fades.
Each pair is only 125L each. Each comes with 3 layers (pants, underwears, and socks), and two sets of sculptie parts (Flared and skinny.) A 4 pack is only 350L, a 6 pack is only 500L, and a 16 pack is only 1,250L!

Keep an eye out in the future for capris and shorts! Maybe more colors!!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Release party!!

On November 2nd, at 12 NOON SLT, Sh*t Happens and Darkstar Designs will be opening their doors to partiers and shoppers alike!

There will be a live dj taking requests, NEW releases, including Sh*t Happens Jean line, and Darkstar Design's new shoes!

Not only will there be that, but we're having a COSTUME contest! Who doesn't like a Halloween party AFTER Halloween?!

There will be random giftcards given out every hour, up to 1000L giftcards, to lucky people! And the winner of the costume contest? 1,000L giftcards to BOTH stores! That's 2k in value!

Of course, Sh*t Happens group members will recieve a freebie automatically! YAY! :D

If you just wanna hang out, have fun, and party for a little bit, then come on down! We look foreward to meeting you all! :D

Ana and Gaia.
Of Sh*t Happens and Darkstar Designs.


p.s. i will post the release pictures on here :)

Monday, October 15, 2007

New jeans (Not released yet)

I'm working on new jeans and I wanted to give you'se a sneak peak :) (Note: They are unfinished, I have a few things to add to 'em yet ^_^) Lemme know what you think! -- Click to see them bigger! Enjoy! <3

<33 Ana. Love j000's.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

It's OPEN!

Click me for the SLurl. <3 (if that doesn't work, use the mainstore link to the side!)

Hope to see you all soon!

<3 ANakins.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Sh*t Happens re-opens tomorrow :)

Wee, I finished my tankies. Hehe..

Well It's opening tomorrow with Darkstar Designs at our new location in Lions shore, and I got two new releases for ya. We open tomorrow at 9 AM SLT, so come hang with us!

Here they be:
The Boyfriend Cardigan comes in three colors, brown, olive, and black. They're 50L a piece :), 125L for all three.

The white tankies. Well, I did a plain white tank and thought "Well this needs something" so I added colors underneath. It comes in white with the following colors: Black, red, orange, teal, brown, and olive. Each color comes with the plain white tank included. They're 25L a piece, 125L for all.

I'll put the slurl up tomorrow morning when we open :)

<3 Ana.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Updated contest rules.

UPDATE: The prizes were doubled, and it now lasts for THREE MONTHS instead of one! You appear in every ad, and you become a Sh*t Happens Spokesperson! :D THAT MEANS ENTRIES ARE REOPENED UNTIL THE 20th of October!!

*NOTE* This is a GROUP exclusive. You MUST be in the group to participate!

What does it entail?

Basically ALL you need to do is send me a folder named (YOUR NAME - Contest for Sept.) In the folder you need to include snapshots (NOT PHOTOSHOPPED PLEASE) of yourself wearing something, anything, from sh*t Happens. I need at least one body shot, and one face shot. (You may include as many as you would like.) I also would like you to include a notecard about yourself, what makes you you, your favorite music, why YOU should be the face of Sh*t Happens, ANYTHING you wanna add to it! I'm looking for YOUR personality!

What are you looking for?:

UNIQUENESS! I want a funky fresh look, funky skin, different shape. (Tall, short, chubby, skinny.) ANYTHING goes!


The winner will get their best snapshot on my store wall (I'm making a "Sh*t Happens Wall of Fame) as well as you model in ALL my ads for that month! Not only do you keep all the things you model, you also will get 2k in money, and a 1000L giftcard to Sh*t Happens!

When is it due by?:

I need your folder in by October 20th, 2007, midnight SLT. I will announce the winner within a day or two after that. (Depending on the entries).

That's it, folks! ANy questions, just IM Ana Boogiewoogie, or even the group!

Hugs, kisses, lovings, and such!

Ana Boogiewoogie.

Weee :)

So tonight is the end of the sale, and tomorrow morning we officially open our new location.

Currently, I haven't gotten done with my tanks, but i prolly will be able to finish those tonight for tomorrow, but the cardigans are all done. Next in line is jeans. WEEE.

If y'all want a sneak peak.. here's one!:

Ain't it purdy? :)

<3 Anananana.